Wall decor Ceramic wall art. Wall hanging artwork. Ready to hang mystic wall decor. Relief Flower and symbols .

Ceramic art. Flowers & symbols wall hanging. Ceramic wall hanging. Ceramic wall art. Pottery flowers. Clay relief wall decor. Art Clay. Ceramic wall art. Clay wall art. Wall hanging artwork. Wall art face. Wall art, ceramic wall, art decorative, ceramic hanging art, wall decoration ideas, wall art ideas. "The Flowers & symbols" - an elegant home decor made of white german clay and austrian glazes. Gift idea for housewarming, birthday, anniversary, Christmas  or any other occasion. Earthenware, double fired at 950 and 1080°C.I M P O R T A N TI send this wall hanging without tracking number.If you want tracking number the shipping costs will be as follow:For 1 piece - 14 EurosFor 2 pieces - 20 EurosFor 3-4 pieces - 23 Euros5 and more than 5 pieces - 35 EurosPlease contact me if you want tracking number. I will send you an email with the exact shipping price.The delivery time to EU is about 8-10 business days. Delivery time to USA is about 10 days.Del..

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