About handmade-add.com

Handmade-add.com is a cherished art point that we created for you with all our passion and we’re glad to present and share. It is a path that reveals to you unique artistic projects. You’ll meet numerous inspiring contemporary Bulgarian artists rambling around here. They bring their own style, works and ideas with the sole aim to impress you and let you see the world through their eyes. Some of them you may have met before, because they are already famous for their distinguished style and international recognition.


Handmade-add.com is an art-shop and an inspiring gallery. We present to you works that stand out with original features, manifacture and quality. You may choose among beautiful pieces of jewelry to wear every day and on a special occasion. Pick the right painting or a sculpture to transform the atmosphere of your home, office, studio or a restaurant. The hand made souvenirs, lamps, painted glassware and ceramics make a perfect gift for anyone you’d like to make feel special.

You may count on Handmade-add.com's team to make your art projects real. Feel free to make an individual request for a work of art you’d like to be made for you by a selected artist.